Wiki Rules

Please observe the following guidelines when you work on this wiki.

  • Please use your time constructively. Always remember that this is an important, unique project, and you can learn valuable skills for your future profession if you give it your best effort.
  • In all articles and comments, use language that is respectful and consistent with a classroom environment.
  • Write only about what you’re reading or what others are reading. This is not a personal wiki. You shouldn’t include overly personal information here.
  • In some assignments, you may be asked to comment on each other’s articles. Please respect other points of view. Disagreement is healthy, but you should disagree in a way that is respectful.
  • In some assignments, you may be asked to edit or rewrite other students' work. Please be respectful when modifying the writing of other students.
  • When working on this wiki, you have the opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues. Make the most of it! In the real world after high school and college, this is what people do: they collaborate on projects! The skills you learn here will serve you well in your future profession.