This book talks about how to create a comic book and jobs in comic books. A comic-book script includes directions, narration, and dialogue. The art directions give the artist ideas about how the panel should look. The narration often describes where and when the action in the panel is taking place. The editors job is to oversee the process of creating a comic book. As a comic-book writer, your job is to show people something theyve never seen before. Pencilers are the ones who draw the characters and the action. Inkers are the ones who add detail and depth to the pencilers sketches using permanent ink. Letterers are the ones who get the words onto the page. Colorists are the ones who use the computer to transform inked drawings into full-color images. Cover artists are the ones who design the cover of a comic book.

Why would I recommend this book to you? I have a few reasons. The first reason is this book is a good book to read because it has a lot of information about how to create a comic book. The second reason is this book talks how about the comic-book creators' work with comic books, and they tell us a lot of interesting experiences. The last reason I recommend this book to you is that it is really suitable for young people to read. There are a lot of young people who like to read comic books. After reading it all the answers come out. And there are lots of young people who dont know what to do in their future. After reading it, they will think more about their careers.

You can find this book in Mr. E’s read 180 library, in the paperbacks section, number 28. Also, you can buy it online at Amazon.

The author of this book is Freddie Franco. He is one of a writers in Read 180 program. He is a good writer.

by Phoebe