Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper

Do Romeo and Juliet’s names ring a bell? This book is based on a teenage couple going through gang problems. Romiette was African-American and Julio was Mexican, and the gangs didn’t want to see them together. The Family or Purple gang was against Romiette and Julio because of their skin color differences. The ending of this book will be a surprising. Just read it and you’ll find out what happens!

Why would a person want to read this book? Reading this book will give you a deep understanding of how teenagers feel about being in love. Many parents believe that their children do not know what love is because they are young, but love can come when you are young. In addition, you'll feel hopes from Romiette and Julio's parents when the young couple were missing.

This book can be found in many locations such as the Ingraham High School library and the Seattle Public Library. For more information about buying this book, here are examples: Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble

Sharon M. Draper was a school teacher for over twenty-five years in Cincinnati public schools. She received an award as the National Teacher of the Year Program as the oldest and most prestigious teacher of excellence. Gordon Ambach, the Executive Director of the Council of Chief State School Officers said, "She shows us how a great teacher, together with her students, continues to learn and create." (1) In addition, former President Clinton in a ceremony at the White House recognized Sharon for the State Teachers of the Year. To know more about Sharon M. Draper, go to her website.

(1) Quoted from this website.

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Former President Clinton
handed award to Sharon M. Draper.

by Shanty