Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak is about a girl named Melinda Sordino. She is a freshman in high school. During the summer she and her friend decided to go to a high school party. Melinda drank some beer and got drunk. Not knowing what was happening, she was raped by Andy Beast. She got scared, called the police, and ran away. Everyone started to hate her because she called the police. Througout the school she had no friends. Every time she saw Andy, she would try to run away from IT, which is what she called Andy at first. Melinda never told anyone what happened to her until almost at the end of the book. She told her old best friend, who stopped being her friend because of the same reason everyone else hated her.

I would recommend the book to people who want to read about issues going on in high school. The book is easily read and well explained. It is writen in a style anyone can connect to. It makes you want to read it because it is interesting.

You can find the book in the Read 180 class library, in the Audio books section. It is available in the Ingraham High School libraryHalse-Anderson2.jpg. And also you can find it at the Seattle Public Library.

Laurie Halse Anderson also wrote books like Chains, Prom, Twisted, Catalyst and Fever. Laurie Halse Anderson also writes book for young readers.To know more about her books or her life story, you can go to Laurie Halse Anderson's.

by Selam