The Greatest: Muhammad Ali

By Walter Dean Myers

This book is about the Muhammad Ali boxing legacy. Muhammad Ali started boxing when someone stole his bycicle, and he went to the boxing ring and started boxing, Since then Muhammad Ali was great at boxing his whole life. Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer. Even though he lost some boxing fights Muhammad Ali was the best. Muhammad Ali cared about his fans and his people. He helped his neighborhood stand out and talked to people about racism. Muhammad Ali got in trouble with the law when they asked him to go to the Vietnam war, but he refused to go to the war. Muhammad Ali was stripped from the world Heavyweight Title, but he climbed up and won it back. Muhammad Ali helps out the community and tells people in the community not to do bad things in life. Muhammad Ali became a Muslim and started learning about the Islamic religion.

I would recommend this book to anyone because it's a good book. It talks about a man named Muhammad Ali who helpls his community and does what he loves to do, which is boxing. You should read this book because it talks about how you can change other people's lives even if you're doing what you love. Read this book and you can find out all the things that Muhammad Ali did in this book.

This book is available at the Seattle Public Library and the Ingraham High School library. You can also find this book in Mr. E's Read 180 library in the Paperbacks Section, number 34.

"myers.gifWalter Dean Mayers has been writing since childhood and publishing since 1969 when he won the Council on Interracial Books for Children contest, which resulted in the publication of his first book for children, Where Does the Day Go?, by Parent's Magazine Press. Since then he has published over seventy books for children and young adults. He has received many awards for his work in this field including the Coretta Scott King Award, five times. Two of his books were awarded Newbery Honors." (1) One of the books he wrote was Slam. If you want to know more about Walter Dean Mayer's you can visit his website here.

(1) Quoted from the Walter Dean Myers website.

by Mohamed