This book has true stories about real kids. The first story,“My Life on the Streets,” is about Elizabeth Murray. Her family was poor, and her mother died of AIDS and her father was addicted to cocaine. After her mother died, she goes back to school.

The second story is about a guy who was driving his car crazily. He had an accident, and he killed a 16 year old girl named Cheryl Rodgers.

The third story is about a guy who is always violent which make his life very difficult.

The fourth story is about a gay guy. He is afraid others will find out that he is gay. So he has it, but he finally tells the truth.

The fifth story is about a girl who survived Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

The sixth story is about a girl who is in a gang, then she leaves the gang. She tells us how it feels to be in a gang. Also it shows how hard it is for her to get out of it.

The last story is about an airplane crash. It talks about the survivors, and how they feel after surviving the crash.

This book is about the kids who have survived in their lives, and they are true stories. This is why I chose this book, because I am still a teenager. So I want to know more about the other children. When I read this book, I knew life was precious and I would cherish my life. If I were rate this book 1 through 10, I would give it a 7.

You can find this book in Mr. E's Read 180 library, in the Paperbacks section, number 7.

Each story is this book has different author: for example "My Life on the Streets" is written by Elizabeth Murray, "I survived a Hurricane" is written by Kaleatha Vines, and "Tackling the Truth: Corely Johnson" is written by Denise Willi.

by John