The Skin I'm In
by Sharon G. Flake

The book talks about a girl who is named Maleeka and everyone at school hates her because she is black and she wears homemade clothes. Charlese is Maleeka's friend, but not really because she uses her for her homework and she helps Maleeka with her clothes because she doesn't want to look bad in front of the students when she is with Maleeka. Miss Saunders is a new teacher at Maleeka's middle school, but people at the school don't like her because she is different from other teachers. One example would be she has a lot of money and people think the only reason she came to school is to show off and act better than everybody with her money, but it's not true because she really does care about the school and the students, especially Maleeka. Miss Saunders knows that students at school bully Maleeka with the way she looks and dresses. Miss Saunders is trying to help Maleeka to stand up for herself and be brave; she doesn't have to care about the way she looks and everyone should be comfortable with the skin their in.

I recommend this book to all the people because it shows what Maleeka had to go through and how people should threat other people with respect. I believe that the book is really fun and it's great to read and that some people might relate to it. It's not that long and it's easy to read. It teaches you a lot of things.

You can find the book at the Seattle Public Library and the Ingraham High School Library. The book is also available in Mr. E's Read 180 Library, in the Paperbacks section, number 18.

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Sharon G. Flake is the author of the book The Skin I'm In and she wrote other books like Who Am I Without Him, Money Hungry, and Bang. For more information about Sharon G. Flake and her books, click here.

by Iman