American_Born_Chinese.jpgAmerican Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

This comic book tells the story of Jin Wang, a son the Chinese immigrants, who struggles to attend a white school after moving from Chinatown in San Francisco. The monkey king thinks that he's a God, and created by nobody. Chin-Kee shows up in Danny's life and Chin-Kee embarrased Danny. Danny tried to get away from Chin-Kee, then he will try to fight him but....Danny will see the real character of Chin-Kee...

This is a picture of Chin-Kee, Jin, and the monkey king . . .
I recommend this book to everyone because this book is really fun to read, and it will entertain you as comedy. In this comic book the chinese character will speak in an interesting style to characterize him. Learn the Chinese traditional tale in a colorful comic book! It's easy and fun. I promise you that you will like it!

You can find this book in the Ingraham High School Library and at the Seattle Public Library.


Gene Luen Yang was born in August 9, 1973 in Alameda California. He "began publishing his comic books under the name Humble Comics in 1996." In 1997, he got "Xeric Grant for Gordon Yamamoto and the King of Geeks". Since then he is been "writing and drawing a a number of stories in comics." The most resent "graphic novel, American Born Chinese, became the first graphic novel to win the American Library Association's Prints Award." Gene Yang teaches "Computer Science at a Catholic High School in Oakland, California." (1) You can find his information at his website .

(1) Quoted from his website.

by Monique