American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

American Born Chinese has three different stories that are made into a comic book. In the first story, a boy named Jin tries to survive the first day of school when he first moved from China. The second story is about the Monkey King, a powerful and a stubborn monkey. The third story in the book is about Danny, who fits in with everyone at school, but when his cousin comes to visit him everything turns around. This book mentions stereotypes of Chinese people. Monkey King is a tale that was told by many Chinese people and was passed on for generations. Gene Luen Yang combined all three stories into one story.

I would definitely recommend this book to any person who likes to read comic or manga books and who also likes to laugh, because the words that Yang used are pretty entertaining. When I started reading American Born Chinese, I couldn't stop and I just wanted to continue. People can also relate to the characters in this book, such as Jin and Danny, who try so hard to fit in with other students and society. And if you want to know more about the famous Chinese folktale the Monkey King, then you should read this book.

You can find this book at the
Ingraham High School library, but there is only one copy of it so I would recommend that you look at the Seattle Public Library. You can also find this book at one of the Ingraham High School classes, because the ESL teacher in room 110 has this book and you could ask her to borrow it. If you like the book, you can buy it at any book store for around $16.

Gene Luen Yang has been drawing since the 5th grade. He started as a cartoon artist, who later became a comic writer. He has received many awards for his novel. He received his first award for his first adult comic book called Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Greeks. He now lives in San Fransico with his wife and his kids, and he still is writing novels. At his website you can explore all the books he has written and what he is planning to do next. If you would like to contact Gene Luen Yang or have any comments about his books, you can go to his blog.

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