By Zane

Rayne Waters is a sucessful woman. She had been working at a bank where occasionally she would meet guys who wanted to take her out after she got off work. Rayne's mother wanted the best for her, but Rayne didn't want her mother in her life. Rayne's mother would tell her that she didn't want her to end up like her, letting men get in the way of her career. Rayne's mother told her that men are only after two things, which are money and sex. Rayne just ignored it. As Rayne got older it seem like she went from man to man, trying to find someone that fulfilled her needs. She would meet all kind of weird guys, but then came Yardley and things started to change.

Yardley was a handsome-looking man. He was the type of guy who wanted a long-lasting relationship, not just a one-night stand. Yardley was sure he had found the right person, but one night he caught his best friend and his girl messing around. This made it a chance to get to know Rayne, who was a woman he had spotted working at the bank he always went to. He came to a conculsion that this was the girl he had been missing and that he wasn't about to let her slip away.

I recommend this book to high school students and above. My reasoning is because there are some R rated things in this book that may not be appropriate for children younger than 16. This book is real good, though, and also good for people who have bad experiences in relationships. It just might help you get through those rough times.

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The Author Zane

Zane is one of the bestselling black authors.
She has sold over 10
You can say this women has achieved a lot since she started writing.
She writes about many different problems and conflicts that most African Americans face in life today.
She's an author, publisher, bookseller, and producer.