41sUEgGQSLL.jpgThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie

In this novel, Junior was a boy who was born on a Native American reservation that is located in the Washington state area and the reservation's name is Willpinit. He had a very bad and hard life, his father was an alchoholic, and they were very poor. He went to a white school or a school for white kids. In that school, he was treated very badly. He got beat up by many white kids. He started trying for the basketball team for which the coach was a very bad trainer. He had to live all his childhood like that, but when he grew up he started drinking alcohol to forget his problems. He was also born with water on his brain. That might be also why he was treated so badly.

This book is very interesting to read, and I recomend it to everybody who really likes these kind of stories. For example, this book shows that it doesn't matter what the problem is, you can succeed if you try a litle bit. Some of the things that this book say have had happend to me before, like when he started going to the school where all those white students started beating him because he was a Native American. But for me, those kids weren't white; they were Africans and the school was B.O.C where I started learning English. Now they are scared of me and they told me that I had grown very big.

These books can be found at the Seattle Public Library or the Ingraham High School library.

I didn't get to know Sherman Alexie, but my friends told me that he didn't like white people who tried to look cool and all that. They told me that he was very funny and that he made jokes about white people.

Sherman Alexie was born in October 1966, in Spokane, Washington. To learn more about Sherman Alexie, go to the Sherman Alexie website.