A Step from Heaven by An Na
This book is all about young girl who came to American when she was 4 year old. The girl's name is Joung Ju. She was from korea. Young Ju and her family lived in small village in Korea. After a while her family decided to move to America.

I would recommend this book because it tells more about what people in different countries around the world think of America. The young kids who come here from other countries can relate to this book because they face the challanges similar to those Young Ju faces throughout school in America.

There are many places you can find this book. If it is to review a little bit about the book and buy it you can go to Amazon.com. You can also borrow the book from the Seattle Public Library.

An Na was born in Korea and grew up in San Diego, California. She graduated from Amherst college and received her MFA from Norwich University. She once was a middle school teacher. Now she writes books. A Step from Heaven is her first novel.