763 M.P.H Jeff fFuerst and Debra scott

763 M.P.H is a nice book to read if you star reading it you will find some emissing thing u never ear is ridiculouse. I like to read it because i like cars when I found this book was talking about the speed cars and I star reading it. This book talk about racing cars i remember in 1904 Henry Ford he said is car were the fasters car and he wanted to prove it, In 1997 to drivers decided to find out have the faster car, the book talk I lots about defferent cars I remember I read the book they were talked about drivers in 1965 criag breedlove was the faster man on Earth. This book is amessing I find out a car can be farster than a bullet and the airplane that ridicoulese can you imagine are faste a bullet is or the airplane. In this book were you lots racing cars I remember in 1996 Craig Breedlove raced in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, Craig Breedlove went more than 800 m.p.h no car had ever gone that fast after that Craig Breedlove crashed at the end.

My recpomendation is I want students who like racing cars who like watch movie about cars like faster the furious, this book is perefect you will find out Ilots different stuff you will see drivers and you will find out like drivers run faster than the speed of sound. In 1960 Mickey Thompson drove faster than 400 m.p.h that time the Technologie was okay but the cars was good but now poeple race in 763 m.p.h sometime in 800 m.p.h look at the Airplane is slow than the other cars the Airplane speed is 567 m.p.h you see the different. I have a time from NYC to LA Thrust ssc speed is 763 m.p.h Thrust ssc it will take 4 hours, spirit of America 636 m.p.h it will take 4 1/2 hours, the Airplane will take all most 5 1/2 hours, that the different if you need to find out just go to faster cars in the World.

You can find this book in Mr E library he has i lots book.

This book is written by 2 authors, Jeff Fuesrt and Debra scott.